Anthony "TC" Carson, President

Shawn Mann, Treasurer

Elizabeth Harrigan, Secretary

Laurie Rahn, Financial Secretary


David Bogan

Bridget Cloonan

Pam Combs, Roripaugh Foundation Committee

Lizza Flynn, Awards Chair & GOHS Liaison

Becky Glaser, Roripaugh Foundation Committee

Michelle Henke, Awards Committee & TVHS & PTSA Liaison

Julie Hinkel, Awards Committee & CHS Liason

Sheryl Kale, Hospitality

Melissa Peepgrass

Jenni Nelson

Jennifer Schwank

Ashley Selway, Awards Committee & CHS Liasion

Lynn Shaver, Past President

Maggie Ticich, Membership Chair


We are an organization run 100% by volunteers, operated and funded through donations. Neither our board members nor volunteers receive compensation. 100% of donations received toward scholarships go to scholarships. We do not take any money for administrative fees. Donations to our organization for administrative costs are always greatly appreciated.


We are always looking for interested community members

who would like to be a part of our organization! ***

Please email us at TemeculaDFS@gmail.com for more information.